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Lead Yourself

One of our primary goals is to help you the ministry leader stay in a healthy place, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. Our coaching/mentoring program will focus on all of these! Check it out If you want to be that high-level leader.

Empower Your Team

As leaders, we know building and retaining healthy volunteer teams is vital. We are here to help you find the clarity, innovation, systems, and structures to empower your team and move your ministry forward. 
Our courses and training can be custom-built for your team too! Just ask us how?

Transform Your Ministry

There is nothing better than seeing lives transformed by God’s power. When we collectively join arms in ministry we can see the power of God impacting this next generation.  We can help you build systems, train leaders, and strategize the next steps. 


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About KMC

In 2012, two super passionate kids pastors named Tom Bump and Ron Brooks had an epiphany. They realized that the world of children’s ministry needed a space where leaders could gather, share their wisdom, and help each other succeed. And so, like a stroke of genius, they came up with the Kids Ministry Collective Radio show – a live internet radio program that took the children’s ministry world by storm. Every Thursday night, these dynamic duo would fire up their microphones, dive into all things kids ministry, and chat with incredible guests like fellow kids’ pastors, authors, and curriculum providers.

But it didn’t stop there. Tom and Ron had a bigger vision. They wanted to create a community where leaders from all walks of life could come together, connect, and support one another. And that’s how the Kids Ministry Collective Facebook group was born. The group became a growing community, filled with leaders sharing their experiences, asking questions, and finding valuable resources. But Tom and Ron didn’t stop there – they knew that there was a need for personalized guidance and support for leaders, so they decided to amp things up even more.

They transformed their popular radio show into the KMC Podcast, bringing forth even more knowledge, insights, and inspiration for kids ministry leaders. And to sweeten the deal, they launched – a game-changing platform that offered affordable, top-notch coaching and mentoring for leaders, regardless of their budget.

Tom and Ron’s mission was clear – to equip leaders with the tools and support they needed to make a real impact in the lives of children. Their dedication, passion, and desire to see leaders thrive has made the Kids Ministry Collective a force to be reckoned with in the world of children’s ministry.

So if you’re a leader in the kids ministry world, or even just someone who’s curious about what goes on behind the scenes, buckle up and get ready to be inspired, empowered, and equipped. Because the Kids Ministry Collective is here to revolutionize the way leaders connect, learn, and grow.

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