Courses & Training

Helping Children’s Ministry Leaders Grow Themselves, Their Teams, and Their Ministries. 

Strong Mind, Strong Mission

Do you sometimes struggle with feeling like you are not good enough? That you don’t belong in certain groups or situations?

Self doubt and imposter syndrome keep more people from fulfilling that mission they were designed to fulfill. Don’t let that be you! this workshop will give you some steps to take to overcome both.

Personal Retreat Kit

Introducing the Lead Renewed Personal Retreat Kit: The Ultimate Solution for Ministry Leaders Overwhelmed, Wounded, and Burning Out

Are you a dedicated ministry leader feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of exhaustion? Do you long to escape the overwhelming demands, pressures, and wounds that have taken a toll on your well-being? It’s time to take charge and prioritize your own self-care because you matter.

The Lead Renewed Personal Retreat Kit, purposefully designed to provide ministry leaders like you with a transformative experience, helping you unplug from the chaos that engulfs your life. Take a well-deserved break and allow us to guide you through a profound journey of refocusing, renewing, and restoring yourself to lead in a healthy, soul-nurturing way.

We recommend you dedicate 4 days to this retreat. You will do 2 sessions per day and give yourself time to rest, refocus, renew, and restore. We will guide you the whole way.

Valleys over mountains

This book is written to help ministry leaders through challenging seasons. It’s a simple book that shares many personal stories that hopefully will encourage and equip the reader to keep their hearts and minds from being overwhelmed by discouragement and leadership wounds.
The valleys are challenging but while walking through them, if you stay open, you will find great beauty and valuable lessons that can only be learned while you are there.

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