Every leader has questions. Every leader faces hard choices.

Where do children’s ministry leaders go when you have questions that you need to not only get answers to but, to help you contextualize and implement in your context?

Facebook groups? Webinars? Video courses? Those aren’t bad options, and I’ve used all of them. But is that really where you’ll find the best answers for you in your ministry context?

An experienced ministry coach can ask questions to clarify and dig deeper into what you’re really looking for. They won’t tell you how to do it, but they will help you find the answer that is right before you.

Coaching helps you move from:



Working Alone

Clear & Focused


Building healthy, lasting teams

Coaching Packages



This option is perfect for those new to ministry leadership and/or those on limited budgets.

During your monthly call, we will customize the calls to fit your desired outcomes.

Topics we recommend covering during these calls are:

  • Leadership & Communication Styles
  • Task & Calendar Management
  • Building Healthy Teams/Culture
  • Soul Care



This option is recommended for those who desire more coaching time.

You will receive up to 2 calls (up to 45min long) each month.

Your customized program will also include all the Coaching Basics, and the following:

  • Access to additional questions and discussion via Marco Polo app
  • Book study (focused on primary goals)
  • 1 Strategy session via zoom where we develop plan for your to build towards your desired outcome.



This option is a great fit for those who desire to take leadership to the higher level.

You will receive two 60 minute calls per month as well as access to Tom via Marco Polo and his personal cell.
Your coaching/mentoring journey will also include everything in the Basics & PLUS, and the following:

  • Personal Assessments to develop strengths and overcome weaknesses
  • Leadership Book Studies and Application plan
  • 2 Strategy building sessions via zoom
  • Review of your policy & procedures manual

It’s recommended to plan for 3-6 months to get the maximum benefit from the calls.

What does a coaching package cost?

Each coaching package has a base rate, but we also want to work with leaders and their budgets. During a clarity call, we will go over each package and it’s benefits for you. After we determine the best package and length of time, the final cost will be determined. We can also prepare a personalized document so you can share with your leadership for approval if needed.

“I love Tom’s Heart to give but also his heart to learn. Tom is the real deal! You’d be blessed to have him as a Coach/Mentor.”
Jim Wideman
Ministry Coach
Tom Bump's coaching was of huge benefit to not only our Children's Pastor, but also to the kids, parents, volunteers, and church staff. It helped her organize, plan, prepare, communicate, and execute her ministry plan at a high level on a weekly basis. It was well worth the money we invested and I would highly recommend Tom and KMCCoaching to anyone who seeks growth and development in the life and ministry of their Children's Pastor.
Pastor Jason
Senior Pastor
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