Our weekly podcast that features interviews with amazing children’s ministry leaders. We also share ideas and reviews about new and innovative resources to help leaders grow themselves and their ministries.  With over 100K in downloads, we are honored to be named the #2 of the Best of Children’s Ministry Podcasts by Feedspot. 

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Podcast Shownotes

Kids Ministry Collective #266 How To Handle ”Blue” Monday!

Ever had a Monday where you were ready to throw in the towel? Woke up feeling down but not out,

Kids Ministry Collective 265 Wrapping Up and Setting Up, Questions You Should Ask

Every leader at this time of year should spend some quality time reflecting, evaluating and resetting for the coming year.

Kids Ministry Collective 264 The Waiting Season Corrine Noble

Children’s ministry leaders experience many different seasons in ministry. When a waiting season appears, it can be discouraging or it

Kids Ministry Collective #263 The Kidmin Grab Bag

Have you ever wondered about planning fall events, engaging with parents and how to prepare your systems for growth? Well

Kids Ministry Collective 262 The Multiply Mindset

Do you as a Children’s Ministry Leader have an addition mindset or a multiply mindset? Do you know the difference?

Kids Ministry Collective 261 Lead Yourself Well- with David Reneau

Children’s ministry leaders have so many things to consider while leading. Oftentimes times we get so focused on leading others