Our weekly podcast that features interviews with amazing children’s ministry leaders. We also share ideas and reviews about new and innovative resources to help leaders grow themselves and their ministries.  With over 100K in downloads, we are honored to be named the #2 of the Best of Children’s Ministry Podcasts by Feedspot. 

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Podcast Shownotes

Kids Ministry Collective 260 Kids Ministry Basics- 5Things

Children’s Ministry can be challenging every single weekend. Join host Tom Bump and his guest David Reneau, as they dive

Kids Ministry Collective 259 Time To Update Brittany Nelson

Do you have a digital strategy for your children’s ministry? Join host Tom Bump and his guest Brittany Nelson in

Kids Ministry Collective 258 Building Healthy Volunteer Culture and Teams Part 2

This is the continuing Conversation about Building Healthy Volunteer Cultures and Teams with host Tom Bump and his guest David

Kids Ministry Collective 257 Building A Healthy Volunteer Organization Part 1

Ever wonder what it takes to build a solid and healthy volunteer team and culture? Join Host Tom Bump and

Kids Ministry Collective 256 Stressed Out, What You Can Do About It

Leadership stress is at an all-time high. Children’s Ministry leaders are always discussing how badly stressed out they are. What

Kids Ministry Collective 255 Setbacks And Mindsets: Getting back on track when things don’t go as planned.

Every Children’s Ministry Leader can have a setback. Most of us that are seasoned leaders have had more than we