Finding Your Balance: How To Gain Margin For Children’s Ministry Leaders

Leading in Children’s Ministry is a noble calling, but it can also be overwhelming and all-consuming. The demands of ministry can easily spill over into our personal lives, leading to burnout, stress, and a lack of margin. In this blog post, we will explore the challenges faced by Children’s Ministry leaders in balancing their personal and professional lives. It’s my desire to help give some insights and ask some reflective questions to help you consider your current room for margin. If you have room for margin, you have a greater impact on your mission.

In other words, “no margin, no mission!”

The Challenges of Balancing Life and Ministry:

Because of the nature of today’s Children’s Ministry, leaders often wonder if balancing life and ministry is a fairy tale. Ministry leadership is demanding and can lead to a lack of boundaries and difficulty saying no. Balancing the needs of family and ministry often leads to neglecting one’s self.

Creating Margin Through Establishing Boundaries

One key aspect of finding balance is establishing clear boundaries that safeguard personal time and prevent burnout. Children’s Ministry leaders need to learn to say no when necessary and set realistic expectations for themselves and others. This involves setting specific working hours, delegating tasks, and knowing when to take breaks for personal rejuvenation.

What often happens though, (I’m guilty) is that our pride makes us believe, “no one is available or will say yes to my asking for help.” We believe we are the only ones who can do so many things, when in reality we know we should be giving more tasks away.

If we are to create margin, we must define the tasks that truly only we can do and be willing to give away or stop doing those that are not a high priority.

Prioritizing Self-Care

Self-care is vital for sustained leadership in Children’s Ministry. In future posts, we will explore practical ways in which leaders can prioritize their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

From regular exercise and healthy eating to intentional rest and seeking support from mentors or counselors, these practices are essential for avoiding burnout and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. One thing you can immediately start doing is protecting the day off.

Stop cheating yourself!

Investing in Healthy Relationships

Maintaining flourishing relationships is essential for a well-rounded life outside the ministry. A recent Barna report mentioned that ministry leaders were some of the loneliest people. It’s very true that many leaders admit to not having close friends. This can also and needs to change. I encourage you to find a tribe, get to know them, invest time with them, and be vulnerable with them. If you need help, reach out as I’d be happy to help you get connected.

I remember moving into a new community 8 hours away from anyone I knew. I prayed I’d find some people to network with and also develop friendships with. God answered my prayers with a fantastic children’s ministry network and inside that network a group of leaders that became lifelong friends.

Evaluation Questions for Improved Margin:

1. How am I currently allocating my time between ministry and personal life? What adjustments can I make to ensure a healthier balance?

2. Do I set healthy boundaries in my ministry role and prioritize self-care? If not, what steps can I take to create a margin for personal growth and rejuvenation?

3. How can I involve my team or volunteers more effectively to share the workload and create space for personal life?

4. What can I do to develop healthy friendships? Who can I connect with and grow a friendship with?

Balancing life and ministry is an ongoing journey for Children’s Ministry leaders. If you will prioritize margin, establish boundaries, practice good self-care, and find some healthy friendships, You will find your perspective on life and ministry can and will change for the better.

If you need help, I would encourage you to check out my personal 1:1 coaching/mentoring program. I have helped many leaders figure out their own stumbling blocks that prevent them from having margin in their life. We develop a road map of simple next steps to overcome those and get back to leading a powerful mission.  Check out 

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