Kids Ministry Collective 256 Stressed Out, What You Can Do About It

Leadership stress is at an all-time high. Children’s Ministry leaders are always discussing how badly stressed out they are. What can we do about it? Join Host and Coach, Tom Bump as he shares some ideas about managing our stress levels and how we can leverage Good Stress, Yes, I said it, Good Stress!

Segment 1: Understanding Stress in Leadership

According to Barna/Awana research, 68% of leaders always feel understaffed. This stat identifies a source of stress for so many leaders. 

Segment 2: Impact of Unmanaged Stress:

 Leaders with high-stress levels and burnout had teams with lower satisfaction rates and higher turnover.

Segment 3: Strategies for Effective Stress Management:

*Self Care- Hobbies, Rest, Boundaries, Priorities, Utilizing Tech Tools

Segment 4: Positive Stress and How to Leverage it:

Eustress is positive stress that is short-term, focused, and energized. it always has a purpose.

Remember, healthy leaders lead to healthy ministries. So, take care of yourselves and keep shining your light brightly. God bless you all, and see you in the next episode!”

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